Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Top 5 Mother's Day Flowers - You Can Send To Your Mom

If I am not wrong, I understand everyone is closely attached and loves most his/her mother. You try your best to keep your mom happy and not forget to celebrate every occasion related to her. And Mother’s Day is one such occasion on which you can’t forget to wish her with several types of gifts.

Gifting flowers on Mother’s Day is the most traditional way to make your mom happy. You need not to go physically to your mother to gift a bucket of flowers. Take support of Online Mother's Day Gifts To Delhi. There are various flowers with varied colors that are used to gift but the below mentioned 8 flowers have special importance and sending them will make your mother feel happiness and remember you heartily.

1. Orchids
Due to longer life, Orchids are preferred to gift on Mother’s Day. The flowers are concerned with wealth, beauty and luxury. Gift the flower wishing beauty and luxury to your mother.

2. Carnations
This blossom became the symbol of Mother’s Day from the time when Anna Jarvis gifted white ones to her mother as it was her favorite color. These flowers with varied colors express various things. A pink carnation is gifted to mother saying “I will never forget you”, while red is used to show admiration and white one to show pure love & innocence to mom.

3. Roses
Extensively known for love & romance, roses have special importance among all mother’s day flowers. Gift your mother pink, white or yellow roses to show gratitude & admiration, purity & innocence and friendship & joy respectively. Your mother will really be very happy receiving these colors of roses.

4. Tulips
It would be better to select Tulips from all other mother’s day flowers Delhi to gift your mother on a very special day, dedicated to her. This flower as your gift makes your mother to think about you that how much you love your mother. Gift her red tulips to show your declaration of love to her and yellow tulips to see brightness in her smile.

5. Daisies
If you are eager to show your innocence, loyal love, simplicity and patience, gift your mother nothing but a bucket of daisies. The flowers have history of 4000 years and are considered the first one to gift to a mother on this very special day.


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